Nadine Dorries - Gay Parenting, Untruths and Hypocrisy

Nadine Dorries

Nadine Dorries

Tory MP Nadine Dorries has lashed out at same-sex partners parenting children, despite her so-called ’support’ of civil partnerships and LGBT equality.  Speaking in response to the new legislation which allows lesbian couples who conceive through IVF treatment to both be named on the child’s birth certificate, Nadine Dorries told BBC Five Live

“…families who have fathers fare better in society”, adding in her blog

“Kids need dads. They need female and male nurturing and protecting role models.”

But, heaven forbid her pro-gay credentials should be damaged by her ‘traditional family’ views!  If you read her blog you can see that that she loves us really:

“I support civil partnership. I voted for it and I think it is fantastic that gay couples can be afforded the legal protection they were once denied and lived without.”

Lesbian IVF parents can now both be named on birth certificates

Lesbian IVF parents can now both be named on birth certificates

Well thank you Nadine! Woo! High fives!  Thank you so much for voting for civil partnerships (even if a civil partnership is not equal to marriage, but let’s not split hairs).  And thank you Nadine that you think it is ‘fantastic’ that we have more legal protection than we did in the past.

However, what the tory backbencher gives with one hand, she takes away with the other.  It appears that the legal protection is not so ‘fantastic’ when it comes to protecting equal rights over same-sex parenting.  Her arguments against same-sex parenting are full of holes:

The Untruth

Nadine Dorries says:

“The evidence to prove that the traditional family structure, of mum, dad and children is the one which works best for a strong society is overwhelming.”

The facts:  This is completely untrue!  The evidence is NOT overwhelming - far from it.

In her radio interview Nadine Dorries quotes Ian Duncan Smith’s think tank the Centre for Social Justice.  However Nick Wood from the CSJ was only able to provide the results of a poll and a handful of highly subjective and biased research from institutions like the Christian Institute. 

Gay couples can bring up children as well as straight couples

Gay couples can bring up children as well as straight couples

The fact is that the research on same sex parenting is far from conclusive when taken as a whole.  There are numerous studies which are often subjective and reflect the opinions of the authors on this emotive issue, rather than the facts.  Nadine Dorries, and the Centre for Social Justice, and the Christian Institute, and many others, may like there to be overwhelming evidence to support their position, but tough luck guys - there isn’t. 

In fact, Stonewall lists far more evidence in support of same-sex parenting

The Gay Slur

In her blog, Nadine Dorries says:

“However, when it comes to the nurturing and rearing of a child, that is a decision that has to be selfless.”

Is it selfish for gay couples to want to love and raise children?  To sacrifice their time, their money, their choices in life in order to love and raise another young human being?  The desire to raise a child is born out of love - for the partner and for the child, and any insinuation that such an act is selfish is deeply offensive.

The Single Parent

Unbelievably Dorries is a single parent herself with three daughters, after she allegedly abandoned her husband for her political career.  Is that the kind of selfless nurturing that she refers to?  Is she suggesting that even her example of parenthood is preferable to a same sex couple raising a child?  And that loving lesbian couples can’t parent children without a father figure, but she can?


It seems that the LGBT protections that seemed to matter so much to the MP don’t matter any more - we’re equal, but we’re not equal.  We should know our place.

Dorries is peddling complete untruths about the evidence against same-sex parenting.  Her arguments deny gay people the right to raise and love their own children at a stroke, and deprive lesbian and gay children the chance of having gay parents too.

The worst of it is that Nadine Dorries is herself setting a terrible example for all our children.  She has spoken untruths, displayed hypocrisy, has slurred gay couples and discriminated against to a minority group who’ve suffered enough.

We asked Conservative Central Office whether they agreed with their high profile backbencher’s views, and so far we’re still waiting for a response.  Is Nadine Dorries representative of David Cameron’s new conservatives?

Thank you for your so called ’support’ of gay couples, Nadine.  But no thank you.

By David Abrehart

(c) Copyright 2009.  All rights reserved.

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