How Many Times is Normal to Masturbate a Day?

How Many Times a Day do Guys Masturbate?

How many times you masturbate a day is up to you

A Mothership member. How many times you masturbate a day is up to you.

A poll on Mothership’s forums asked members how many times they masturbate a day. The results were surprising and showed that 71% of gay and bi men pleasure themselves more than once a day, with 19% of guys masturbating 4 times a day or more*.

Mothership Masturbation Poll Results

The full results were as follows:

Less than once a day: 7%
Once a day: 20%
Twice a day: 26%
Three times a day: 26%
Four times a day or more: 19%

The interesting thing to note is that there is a wide broad spread in the data, and that there is no clear majority in the frequency of masturbation in a day. In fact these results demonstrate the correct answer to the question - there is no ‘normal’ number of times for men to masturbate a day - it is entirely a personal matter for the guy himself.

Can Masturbating Too Frequently be Harmful?

No. In the Mothership poll some guys reported masturbating to orgasm up to 10 times a day, and in fit young men up to their late 20s this is possible, although unusual, and very little ejaculate would be produced.

The only downsides to such frequent masturbation are

a) the increased risk of getting caught!
b) the decrease in sexual performance, and enjoyment, if you have sex with another guy shortly after
c) the decrease in enjoyment of pleasuring yourself if you’ve already cum recently.

There are some toe-curling embarrassing stories about guys who’ve got caught masturbating - especially teenagers by their parents. One guy reported masturbating under the bed covers and when he’d finished discovered a mug of tea by the side of the bed, discreetly placed there mid-masturbation by his mother.

For any fans of the TV show ‘Frasier’ you may remember one episode when he advised a teenager that masturbating frequently was not harmful, but went on to caution “…the more often you do it, the less special it becomes.” Sound advice.

Benefits of Masturbation

There are many benefits to masturbation. Studies have shown that pleasuring yourself helps to lower blood pressure, can strengthen relationships by evening out differences in sex drive and improves mood, even countering depression and improving self-worth*.

In short masturbating is good for you and you should not feel any anxiety or guilt about such a natural, healthy and positive act. How many times you masturbate a day is entirely up to you, just don’t get caught, and save some sex drive for that cute guy you’ve got your eye on…

by David Abrehart

*sources: Mothership Gay Dating Forums, Wikipedia

(c) Copyright 2009.  All rights reserved.

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