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Gay Body Language - Does He Like Me 2

Last time we looked at his actions, this time in our ‘does he like me’ series we look at his gay body language  to help you figure out if another guy likes you.

Two gay guys kissing

Two gay guys kissing

Gay guys tend to be a lot more upfront about expressing sexual attraction, however, when you’re dating his body language signals can be very helpful if you’re trying to figure out if he’s boyfriend material.

Many body language signals can be interpreted in more than one way, so in this post we’ve just concentrated on the most reliable gay body language signals.

Good Gay Body Language Signs

1 The Eye Triangle

He looks you in one eye, then the other, then his gaze drops to your lips.  He probably wants to kiss them.  Gay guys often go further south and he may glance at your groin.  You can guess what he wants to do to that!

2 Feet and Knees Point Toward You

If his feet and/or knees are pointing toward you it may mean you are the focus of his attention.  Or, it could just be the way he is sitting or standing!  However, it is another clue.

3 Body Language Mirroring

If you find he copies your actions after a short time lag then it may show he  likes you and is receptive to you.  A really good example is if you’re on a romantic dinner date for example - you lean in, he leans in, you sit back, he sits back, you take a sip from your glass, so does he - etc

However it doesn’t have to be sat down over a table, you may notice him mirroring you at the beach (he applies sun tan oil just after you have applied yours), or out clubbing (he dances with you) and so on.

Fingers hooked into his waistband subconsciously draws attention to his groin

Fingers hooked into his waistband subconsciously draws attention to his groin

4 Proximity

We all have our personal space (about an arm’s reach away from your body), and most of us are very aware of it.  However, if we begin to like someone romantically we don’t mind our personal space being compromised - in fact we want them to be close to us!

So if you notice him getting close to you - maybe he sits right next to you on the sofa, or frequently leans in to speak into your ear, then he probably likes you!  If you notice him touching you - maybe your arm or hair, then it is an even stronger indicator!  He probably wants to touch you in all sorts of places! ;)

5 Finger-Hooking Cowboy!

If he hooks his fingers into his belt of waistband and looks at you then it could be a primal sign he is interested in you!  The fingers hooked into his waistband are subconsciously drawing attention to his groin. Yes please!

6 Obvious Body Language: Laughing and Smiling

If he’s laughing and smiling then this is body language you can’t miss!  You are bringing him pleasure, and he is showing it.  Now why don’t you give him something to really smile about?

Bad Gay Body Language Signs - When It All Goes Wrong!

1 Crossing Arms Across Chest

Arms crossed can show he is hostile to you

Arms crossed can show he is hostile to you

When he is crossing his arms across his chest then this may mean he is erecting an unconscious barrier against you.  It could simply be that he is thinking about something you’ve said, however if he is leaning back when he is crossing his arms, and is either glaring or looking determinedly away from you, then he is showing you outright hostility.

One thing though - if it is freezing he could just be cold!

2 He’s Bored

If his head is slightly on one side as he looks at you, and his eyes are a little bit out of focus, then he may be bored.  Another sign he is bored is if he is looking around when you’re speaking to him, especially at a party or bar.  Not only is he bored, he’s plain rude too.

3 Disbelief

If his gaze is averted away from you when you’re speaking to him, and he is scratching his chin or touching his ear then he may not believe you.

Does He Like Me - the Gay Body Language Rule of Four

Body language experts have an unofficial Rule of Four.  They say you need four separate indicators to provide enough evidence that a person is attracted to another person!

However, if you’re using this list then cut this down to three because gay body language tends to be more up-front, and we’ve only listed the most obvious signs.

When you’re with a hot guy you like, try not to obsess over watching for body language signs.  Instead relax and learn to trust your instinct - and before long your bodies will be talking their own language.

by David Abrehart

(c) Copyright 2009.  All rights reserved.

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