Gay Blokes in Suits - Yes or No?

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Blokes in Suits - Yes or No?


Are gay blokes in suits sexy?

Yes 44%
Don’t Care 24%
Prefer Naked 32%


“How about a bloke in half a suit with the other half around his ankles?”

“I love a guy in a good suit, and a birthday suit too, of course!”<

How Often Do You Watch Gay Porn?

More than once a day 7%
Daily 10%
A few times a week 31%
Once a week 3%
Occasionally 42%
Never 7%


“Personally, I find gay porn dull and soulless. I’d sooner talk filth with my mates down the pub.”

“I like vintage porn. when men weren’t so plastic looking and didn’t shave every hair on their body off.”

How Hairy Do You Like Your Men?

Naturally smooth 27%
As hairy as nature intended 39%
Shaved and smooth all over 17%
Don’t mind as long as it’s not too hairy 17%


“I love a hairy chest, but I’m not so keen on a hairy back or buttocks”

“Smooth all the way.”

Have you ever had sex with a woman

Yes 50%
No 50%


“never have, never will, never wanna - answe ya question!!”

“Never tried it cos I never felt the urge to and when it was presented to me when I was younger I just couldn’t. She was a really good looking girl but I just didn’t feel any attraction that way.”

“I had sex with a lot of chicks.its good fun.i like both girls and guys.”

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